Aranei, or A Natural History of Spiders

Aranei, or, A natural history of spiders....
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Aranei, or a natural history of spiders : including the principal parts of the well known work on English spiders by Eleazar Albin, as also the whole of the celebrated publication on Swedish spiders by Charles Clerk / / revised, enlarged and designed anew by Thomas Martyn, author of the Universal conchologist, English entomologist, &c., at his Academy for Illustrating and Painting Natural History, no. 10 Great Marlborough Street, London

By Thomas Martyn, active 1760-1816. London: T. Martyn, 1793.

Thomas Martyn's Aranei translated into English Carl Alexander Clerck's Svenska spindlar/Aranei Svecici (Stockholm, 1757), the founding text on modern scientific nomenclature for spiders, with illustrations originally published in Eleazar Albin's Natural History of Spiders (London, 1736). Eleazar Albin's meticulous drawings for his own spider book were bought by Thomas Martyn at the sale of the Dowager Duchess of Portland's collections.

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