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Arizona postcard checklist

Arizona postcard checklist
by Richard W. Fulton
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Danny Martino and Vinnie De Nitto Martino
In memory of Antonio Martino and Genoveffa Gioiosa Martino. Nicola De Nitto and Giovannina De Nitto.
on March 8, 2017
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Arizona postcard checklist : an illustrated Arizona postcard checklist containing listings of more than 12,000 postcards, and their publishers, printers, and distributors / Richard W. Fulton.

By Richard W. Fulton. Fairfax, Va. (5410 Ellzey Dr., Fairfax 22032-2906): R.W. Fulton, 1994.

This gigantic handbook is a valuable resource in deltiology, the study and collection of postcards. There are black and white charts, graphs, photographs, and illustrations throughout. It is a comprehensive listing of all Arizona postcards. This shows us a different angle of Arizona history--art, humor and tourism. A philatelic guide to our nation's 48th state.

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