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Arizona, the wonderland

Arizona, the wonderland
by George Wharton James
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Arizona, the wonderland : the history of its ancient cliff and cave dwellings, ruined pueblos, conquest by the Spaniards, Jesuit and Franciscan Missions, trail makers and indians; a survey of its climate, scenic marvels, topography, deserts, mountains, rivers and valleys; a review of its industries; an account of its influence on art, literature and science; and some reference to what it offers of delight to the automobilist, sportsman, pleasure and health seeker / by George Wharton James. With a map and sixty plates, of which twelve are in colour.

By George Wharton James. Boston: The Page Co, 1917.

“Go to the National Museum in Washington, and I venture the assertion you will find there more objects of universal interest and wonder gained from Arizona, than from any other country you can name.” So states George Wharton James in the forward to Arizona, the Wonderland. James was an enthusiast of the American Southwest who wrote over 40 books about the region, including this tribute to Arizona, an unabashedly enthusiastic travelogue. Arizona, the Wonderland was commissioned as part of "See America First," a never-completed series of highly decorative and descriptive books covering North America, which were envisioned and published by the Boston Page Company to take advantage of an increased interest in domestic tourism. Featuring numerous illustrations, this work captures Arizona in its early years of statehood, describing in vivid detail its charms for interested ‘automobilists’ of the age.

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