Auctoritates Extracte Ex Libris Phi[losophorum]

Auctoritates Extracte Ex Libris Phi[losophorum]
by Aristotle
Adopted for Conservation
on September 13, 2012

Auctoritates extracte ex Libris phi[losophorum] ; et p[rim]o ex libro p[rim]o metaphi[si]c[o]r[um]

By Aristotle. [ca. 1450].

This early handwritten book was put on paper in the era when printing started in the Western world. It comprises selected citations by Ancient authors extracted from philosophical and metaphysical books. Its traditionally presumed editor and compiler is Aristotle.

Condition and Treatment: 

The volume has a full calfskin binding with decorative blind tooling, over wooden boards (covers), probably dating from the 15th century. The endbands, part of the sewing structure, are broken. The pages are sewn on three thongs that have broken. The volume is housed in a box that is too large. The broken thongs need to be reinforced and repaired and a custom-fitted box has to be created to reduce movement when the book is handled.

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Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future