Baby Bird-Finder

Baby Bird-Finder
by Harriet E. Richards
Adopted for Conservation by
Cathy Flanigan
on December 17, 2017
Cover of Baby bird-finder

Baby bird-finder : illustrated, v. 1-2

By Harriet E. Richards. Boston, Mass: W.A. Butterfield, 1904-06.

The title may be misleading: these volumes are not how to find baby birds, but rather they are adorable pocket-sized volumes to be used for identifying bird species in New England and other Northeastern states. Volume I covers song birds, such as flycatchers, larks and sparrows; volume II includes water and game birds, hawks, and owls. The illustrations in Volume I are outline sketches but by the time Volume II was published the author was able to use photographs. Blank pages were included in the books so bird watchers could record their own observations.

Condition and Treatment: 

This two volume set is missing the spines to both volumes. As a result, the covers are detached. The front cover of the water and game birds volume is also split in half. The box is in pieces but the decorative label on the box is intact. Conservators will repair the two volumes of the set retaining as much of the original bindings as possible. A new box will be created to house the volumes and the original box label will be placed on the new box.

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Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future