Bible History in the Sioux Indian Language

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Wowapi wakan ptecedan oyakapi kin. Bible history in the Sioux Indian language. By Rev. Jerome Hunt ...

By Jerome Hunt. Fort Trotten, N.D: Printed at the Indian Mission, 1897.

The introduction of print by Europeans to Native North America, which previously had a long rich oral tradition, is also the story of attempts to convert the Indians to Christianity. In their efforts to do so, missionaries relied on Native people to teach them the language and to assist them in the translation and printing of bible passages, hymns, prayers, and liturgies. This book is an example of that. The writer and translator, Reverend Jerome Hunt, spent more than 50 years as a priest, largely with the Sioux in North Dakota. This volume includes a rich history of the Bible,  an interesting introduction by Reverend Bishop Shanley and many biblical illustrations throughout.  

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A late 19th century volume that is disbound with the covers detached and the spine missing. The paper is brittle and very fragile. Conservators will attempt to guard and re-sewn the textblock and create a case using the original boards.

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