Cabinets de Curiosites : Collections, Collectionneurs

Cabinets de Curiosites : Collections, Collectionneurs
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on November 17, 2011
Cabinets de curiosites, collections, collectionneurs

Cabinets de curiosites : collections, collectionneurs

Paris: Librairie Paul Jammes, [199-?].

Thisscarce bibilography of 16th-19th century natural history curiosity cabinets is one of the most complete references availableon the subject ofwunderkammer. TheJoseph F.Cullman 3rd Libraryof Natural History has a comprehensivecollection of not only curiosity cabinetcataloguespublished in thier own time, but also an in depth collection of books that detail the collection and assemblage of such cabinets. This book is an invaluable compliment to the study of early museums and natural history collecting.

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