Cherokee Cooklore

Cherokee Cooklore
Adopted by
Dane and Martha Kennedy
In honor of Muriel B. Hoeprich
on November 16, 2016
Cover of Cherokee Cooklore

Cherokee cooklore : preparing Cherokee foods

Cherokee, NC: Mary and Goingback Chiltoskey, 1951.

This is a reprint of a step-by-step demonstration guide with photographs of Cherokee elder, Aggie Lossiah, teaching Cherokee children how to make Cherokee bean bread. Aggie tells the youngsters “I'll show you how bean bread ought to be made. How my old Cherokee granny made it when we lived in that cave of the Tennessee River.” Aggie was the granddaughter of Principal Chief John Ross who built a trading post on the Tennessee River known as “Ross’s Landing” and was a strong advocate against Cherokee removal from their traditional homelands. While primarily a how-to book, traditional knowledge and Cherokee history is incorporated throughout the pages.

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