Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., Millers of Rice Since 1902

Cover of Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., millers of rice since 1902
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Compliments of Standard Rice Company, Inc., millers of rice since 1902

Houston, Tex.: The Firm, [193-?].

This promotional recipe booklet is a striking adverstisment for White House Cereals.  Most likely published in the late 1930's, the front cover is fashioned as a 3-D commercial food carton while the back cover displays their full product line.  Bright yellow and die-cut, this booklet was intended as an eye-catching calling card.  Die-cutting dates back to the Victorian era when industrial machines could mass-produce and print the same attractive shapes over and over again, like the celebrated Victorian-era Valentines.  The recipes within "contributed by both domestice science experts and practical housewives" were meant to be economical, nutrious, accurate, and practical.  The Coffee Rice Pudding sounds like it would be delicious, while "The White House Rice and Peanut Butter Loaf" seems a little old-fashioned for modern tastes.

Condition and Treatment: 

This is an early 20th century staple bound cookbook.  The staples have oxidized, weakening the cover and the textblock.  The odd shape makes the pamphlet difficult to store.  Conservators will remove the staples and re-sew the pamphlet.  A custom enclosure will be created to house this fragile item.

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