Curiosités de Paris

Title page for Curiousits de Paris...vol.1
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Curiosites de Paris, de Versailles, Marly, Vincennes, Saint- Cloud, et des environs, t. 1

By Georges-Louis Le Rouge. Paris: Chez les Libraires associes, 1771.

This is volume one of a three volume first edition series written and illustrated by Georges-Louis Le Rouge that describe monuments, buildings, and other ‘curiosities’ in and around Paris, Versailles, Marly, Vincennes, and Saint Cloud. They were published in 1771. This volume has 19 exquisite drawings prefacing different chapters. The combined written and visual portrayals provide a wealth of cultural information and help the reader reconstruct the architectural designs of the time. These books are particularly interesting because Le Rouge, the author, was a famous French cartographer, engraver, and architect who worked as a military and civil engineer for King Louis XV and Louis XVI. Le Rouge offers educated descriptions influenced by his wealth and position, making the combined work important to understanding aristocratic perspectives regarding various designs in 18th century France. 

Condition and Treatment: 

This volume features a late 18th century full leather binding. The front board is detached and the spine has areas of loss. The headbands are also damaged. Conservators will repair the headbands and re-back the spine in leather. A custom enclosure will be created to house this fragile item.

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