De Infinitis Infinitorum, et Infinite Parvorum Ordinibus Disquisitio Geometrica

De infinitis infinitorum, et infinite parvorum ordinibus disquisitio geometrica
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De infinitis infinitorum, et infinite parvorum ordinibus disquisitio geometrica : in qua, variis utriusque generis gradibus demonstratis, tum methodi infinitesimalis fundamenta ostenduntur, tum praecipuè plusquam infinita spatia hyperbolica Wallisii, adversus nuperrimos eorundem impugnatores, vindicantur

By Guido Grandi. Pisis: Ex typographia Francisci Bindi ..., 1710.

Bound with:

  • Grandi, Guido. Prostasis ad exceptiones Cl. Varignonii libro de infinitis infinitorum ordinibus oppositas... Pisis : Ex typographia Francisci Bindi..., 1713.
  • Grandi, Guido. Dialoghi del p.m. Grandi Camaldolese teologo, e matematico dell'Altezza Reale di Toscana... In Lucca : Ad istanza di Francesco Maria Gaddi librajo in Pisa, 1712.

A fine copy of this important collection of mathematical treatises by Grandi (1671-1742), professor of mathematics of Pisa. Included is his first general study of the cubic curve known as the "versiera" or "witch of Agnesi", which had been treated earlier by Fermat. The second work contains his defense of De infinitis against the critique Pierre Varignon. Last is Grandi's account of the controversy with his colleague at Pisa, Alessandro Marchetti, over Quadretura which introduced Leibniz's calculus to Italy.

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