A Descriptive Catalogue of the Marine Reptiles of the Oxford Clay, Pt 2

A descriptive catalogue of the marine reptiles of the Oxford clay. Pt 2
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A descriptive catalogue of the marine reptiles of the Oxford clay. Based on the Leeds Collection in the British Museum (Natural History), London, Part 2, v. 2

By British Museum (Natural History). London: Printed by order of the Trustees, 1910-13.

This volume, part of a two book set, was given to the Smithsonian in 1910 right after it was printed by the Board of Trustees of the British Museum. Inside the front cover of each of the two books is a plate stating that it was “Presented by the Trustees of The British Museum” and that it is “No. 23 of 25 copies,” and was “printed on special paper." This is book two of the two volume set, covering Pliosaurs and Crocodiles. The detailed and scholarly catalogue describes the collection of prehistoric marine reptile specimens that was found in the Oxford Clay of Peterborough and collected by the British Museum (Natural History) in London. Accompanied by detailed charts and drawings, each section discusses a particular species or subset of the reptile families of the Upper Jurassic. According to the introductory notes, the quality of the museum collection, and of the manner in which it was assembled, are exemplary.

Mr. Charles William Andrews (1866 - 1924), this book's author, was a British paleontologist associated with the British Museum. He specialized in vertebrates, both in the museum and as a field researcher.

Condition and Treatment: 

An early 20th century cloth bound volume. The upper portion of the spine is detached. The adhesive on the spine has failed and the sections of the textblock are separating from the binding. Additionally, the frontispiece is detached and damaged. Conservators will repair the cover and frontespiece and remove the failed adhesive on the spine of the book. The sections will be lined and re-sewn.

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