Diseases and Enemies of Poultry

Inside Diseases and Enemies of Poultry
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Diseases and enemies of poultry

By Leonard Pearson. Harrisburg: C.M. Busch, c1897.

While he graduated with a degree in agriculture at Cornell, it was summer work on combating contagious diseases in cattle that led to Dr. Leonard Pearson’s (1868-1909) interest in veterinary medicine. Upon graduating from the University of Pennsylvania’s veterinary school, Dr. Pearson continued his work on protecting cattle and would eventually rise from Professor of Medicine to Dean of the Veterinary School to Pennsylvania’s State Veterinarian. Expanding his research into poultry, Dr. Pearson recognized how the introduction of new flocks to an existing group increased the risk of the spread of disease. Diseases of Poultry (1897) was published while Dr. Pearson served as State Veterinarian.

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