Early Chinese Jades

Early Chinese Jades  - Jade
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Early Chinese jades

By Una Pope-Hennessy. New York: F.A. Stokes Co, 1923.

So who authors an important scholarly work on early Chinese jades; maps the main prison camps in Germany and Austria during WWI; writes biographies about Anna Van Schurman, Agnes Strickland, Edgar Allan Poe, and Charles Dickens; writes first-hand accounts of talks of rebel leaders during Ireland’s revolutionary period; and is appointed Commander of the Order of the British Empire? That would be the scholar par excellence of Renaissance art John Pope-Hennessy’s mother. 

This is the first American edition of Una Pope-Hennessy’s important reference on early Chinese jades. The author addresses the cultural and historical significance of jade objects that range from funerary objects to jewelry to weapons. Sixty-four plates at the end of the book include rare images of jades held in a number of museum collections as well as sixteen private collections, including that of the author herself.

Sometimes referred to as the "Bible" of early archaic jades, this is an important work for scholars studying Chinese jades and the culture that produced them.

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