Emperor Kangxi and The Sun King Louis XIV

Emperor Kangxi and the Sun King Louis XIV
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Emperor Kangxi and the Sun King Louis XIV : Sino-Franco encounters in arts and culture

Taipei shi: Guo li gu gong bo wu yuan, 2011.

Emperor Kangxi and King Louis XIV of France, also known as Louis the Great, were both considered among the greatest rulers of their respective countries. They have been compared politically and militarily, but few comparisons in artistic achievements have been done. Both rulers came to the throne during childhood. They had excellent skills in riding and archery and both were fluent in a number of languages. As a Manchu emperor, Kangxi had a solid command of Mandarin Chinese and Mongolian whereas Louis XIV was versed in French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin. Through the French Jesuit missions to China, the Emperor Kangxi and King Louis XIV developed an appreciation of each other’s culture. This exhibition catalog of art objects from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and France offers readers an opportunity to better understand how important and fruitful a royally endorsed cultural exchange was.

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