A Field Guide to the Birds' Nests

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A field guide to the birds' nests : United States east of the Mississippi River / Hal H. Harrison ; color photographs by Hal H. Harrison ; bird sketches by Ned Smith ; map and endpapers by Mada Harrison ; sponsored by the National Audubon Society, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

By Hal H. Harrison. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, c1975.

Imagine a dazzling sunlit morning where you’ve chosen to escape from modern day technology and enjoy the beauty of nature. You come across an intriguing structure that you identify as a birds nest. However, without cell phone reception you are unable to scurry to Google for help, and you are unable to identify the species of bird that constructed the nest. Well, fear no more. Field Guide to the Birds’ Nests has scores of illustrations of the different types of nests one may come across -- if you are east of the Mississippi River -- and the species responsible for their construction. The book provides rich detail such as the number of eggs a species lays and even photos of what these eggs look like.

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