Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History

Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History
by Eric Chaline
Adopted by
Susan G. Waxter
in honor of Patricia Barnett
on September 19, 2018
Fifty Animals That Changed the Course of History, cover

Fifty animals that changed the course of history

By Eric Chaline. Richmond Hill, Ont.; Buffalo, NY: Firefly Books; Hove, England: Quid Pub, 2011.

This fun, interesting, and lavishly illustrated book tells the stories of approximately 50 animals that have played crucial roles in human history. Chaline’s fascinating essay topics range from the history of oyster-raising to the essential role of the horse. Humans are the subject of the final essay, which includes a warning that we are our own worst enemy. Each animal is classed among four categories as “Edible, Medicinal, Commercial, and/or Practical" (a dog-loving reader might quibble with the idea of modern housecats being considered “practical”). This title resides in the main Natural History Library at the Smithsonian.

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