by Yusuke Ono
Adopted by
Lenore Bell and Bashir Yonoszai
In honor of Jolande Goldberg and Lawrence Goldberg on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary
on September 8, 2019
4 Pop Ups : 360° books

Fujisan / Ōno Yūsuke = Mount Fuji / Yusuke Oono.

By Yusuke Ono. Kyōto: Seigensha, 2016.

The Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Library has nearly 2,000 movable and pop-up books, made from a variety of paper construction forms and mechanisms that control the movement of the action on the pages. One type of movable book form is a carousel book. A carousel looks like an ordinary flat two-dimensional book, but when opened, it unfolds into a 360-degree circle when stood upright, becoming a three dimensional object that can be viewed from all angles. A recent addition to our collection is the 2016 Fujisan / / Ōno Yūsuke = Mount Fuji book by Yusuke Oono. It is one of many 360-degree books he created and they are considered as both pop-up books and artists’ books. Snowy world : 360° book, Snow White, and Earth and Moon are the other titles that form a package set that would be included in this adoption.

A carousel book opens until back and front covers touch and can be held open to form the circle by tying the attached ribbons. Fujisan is a carousel book that opens a series of pages that expands into a 360-degree panoramic scene of a wintry world. The enclosure box states that “each page is cut delicately and bound carefully to create the magical world inside. This would make a wonderful home décor or gift for someone special.”

Yusuke was born in Germany in 1983, studied at the University of Tokyo, and works primarily as an architect. He works primarily as an architect but is also active in other related fields including interior product design and art installation.

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