The Garden of a Commuter's Wife

The Garden of a Commuter's Wife
by Mabel Osgood Wright
Adopted by
Dr. Susan Battley
on June 26, 2019
Cover of Garden of a Commuter's wife

The garden of a commuter's wife / / recorded by the gardener ; with eight illustrations in photogravure

By Mabel Osgood Wright. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1901.

In this novel, the titular "Gardener” is the book’s author, Mrs. Mabel Osgood Wright and “The Commuter” is based on her husband, James Osborne Wright. The dedication reads “This Book belongs to the Commuter.” The story is filled with people who love family and nature, and the black-and-white photos invite the viewer into this genteel world. The Gardener is inspired to make her husband’s home a place of beauty and serenity. Mabel Osgood Wright (American, 1859-1934) was a remarkable and accomplished woman. She was a prolific author of fiction, non-fiction, educational children’s literature, and nature guides. Mrs. Wright was a nature photographer, ornithologist, and dedicated environmentalist, collaborating with John James Audubon on illustrations for her books and the expansion of the Audubon Society. The bird sanctuary Birdcraft, designed by Mrs. Wright and situated on her own property, is still a popular attraction in Connecticut, for both birds and their human admirers.

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