The Grapes of New York

Title page of The Grapes of New York
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Location: Botany and Horticulture Library

The grapes of New York

By U. P. Hedrick. Albany: J. B. Lyon company, state printers, 1908.

U. P. Hedrick was a horticulturist at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York in 1905 when he began writing the first of many monographs of fruit cultivars that could be grown in New York State.  The Grapes of New York is the first of his many works. The Smithsonian Libraries' Botany and Horticulture Library holds all of his works in print.  The works were classic references on the fruit cultivars of the period. These volumes are much sought after by pomologists and fruit enthusiasts for their detailed descriptions and beautiful artwork.

Condition and Treatment: 

This piece is covered in early-20th century publishers green buckram binding with gold stamping on the spine and front cover. The case has detached from the binding. The frontispiece has also detached.  Conservators will clean the spine, reattach the frontispiece, and recase the textblock in the repaired case.

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