Handbuch fur Naturaliensammler oder Grundliche Anweisung die Naturkorper Aller Drei Reiche zu sammeln,...

Handbuch fur Naturaliensammler oder grundliche Anweisung die Naturkorper aller drei Reiche zu sammeln,...
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Location: Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History

Handbuch für Naturaliensammler, oder, Gründliche Anweisung die Naturkörper aller drei Reiche zu sammeln, im Naturalienkabinet aufzustellen und aufzubewahren

By Theodor Thon. Ilmenau: Druck und Verlag von Bernh. Fried. Voigt, 1827.

Held by only one other library in North America, this book is a guide to collecting and preserving natural-history specimens. Thon (1792-1838) provides thorough and detailed instructions on the collecting, preparing, and stuffing of all manner of mammals, reptiles, birds, and insects, as well as plants, wood samples, and minerals. The plates depict the various tools used and the procedures for preparing the specimens. Adding to publications in these practical subjects written and/or acquired in the past by the Institution's scientists, the Smithsonian Libraries have been actively building this specialized collection to form a comprehensive resource for the Institution's museum staff. Along with related works on directions for field-collectors, as well as taxidermy manuals, these books and pamphlets document the evolving techniques and standards for the collection, documentation, and preservation of museum specimens through the 18th and 19th centuries.

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