A History of Medicine

A History of Medicine
by Plinio Prioreschi
Adopted by
Stacey Rotta, MD
on February 6, 2023
A History of Medicine.

A history of medicine

By Plinio Prioreschi. Omaha: Horatius Press, c1996-c2007.

This work gives a comprehensive overview and underlines analogies, correlations, and differences among social conditions, intellectual movements, political events, paradigms and beliefs in an effort to identify logical threads to navigate among the immense number of facts and data of the history of medicine. The complete work will consist of eight volumes describing primitive and Ancient Medicine as well as Chinese, Hindu, Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian, biblical, and American pre-Columbian practices. The finished six volumes are in our Special Collections reference collection, each describing a different culture's history of health sciences and medical practices.

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