Icones Piscium : Indicem Systematicum

Engraved plate from Icones piscium featuring three fish
Adoption Amount: $550
Category: Build and Access the Collection
Location: Joseph F. Cullman 3rd Library of Natural History

Icones piscium : indicem systematicum

By F. C. Kielsen. Hafniae: Sumptibus Christiani Steen, typis Bianco Luno & Schneider, 1835.

Frederik Christian Kielsen (1774-1850), a Danish naturalist and teacher, published his Icones in six separate parts: fishes, mammals, insects, invertebrates, birds, and amphibians.  Each has a brief text providing a Linnaean systematic classification followed by (as the title suggests) illustrations of the animals covered; the Icones piscium (fishes) has 48 plates that illustrate 130 species in 57 genera.  With this volume we also purchased his Icones mammalium (111 plates, including 11 of whales and three of Homo sapiens) and Icones insectorum (106 plates); although not listed, those too are both available for adoption at the same price. Adding these three to the volumes on ...vermium (invertebrates) and ...avium (birds) already in our collection, we now lack only the ...amphibiorum (reptiles and amphibians) volume to hold the complete set. All of the volumes are scarce, available to researchers at only a few libraries in the U.S.

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