Landscape Gardening in Japan

Landscape Gardening in Japan
by J. Conder
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on June 25, 2019
Cover of Landscape gardening in Japan

Landscape gardening in Japan

By J. Conder. Tokio: Kelly and Walsh, 1893.

Josiah Conder was a British architect who worked in Japan during the Meiji period. He arrived in 1877, during a period of excitement, with the opening of Japan (1854) to international trade, travel, and artistic exchange twenty years earlier. He educated award winning Japanese architects in Western architecture, but later took an interest in learning and writing about Japanese arts in landscaping, painting, and floral arrangement. While the book, The Flowers of Japan and the Art of Floral Arrangement, remains his most popular work and introduced many in the West to ikebana, Landscape Gardening in Japan and its Two Supplements are also classic works, lavishly illustrated and introducing Japanese landscape design to Western culture.

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