Lessons in Sabre, Singlestick, Sabre & Bayonet, and Sword Feats

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Lessons in sabre, singlestick, sabre & bayonet, and sword feats; how to use a cut-and-thrust sword ...

By J. M. Waite. London: Weldon & Co., [1880].

John Musgrave Waite (c. 1820–1884) was a Victorian fencing master and non-commissioned officer in the British 2nd Life Guards, a regiment in which the tradition of the sabre was maintained. This book is still used by the Schola Gladiatoria, a group in London which provides organized instruction in the serious study and practice of historical European swordplay. The book's illustrations present the positions used in fencing and sword fighting, along with various tricks to display extraordinary skill. Plate 31 “Cutting a sheep carcass in half” and Plate 34 “Cutting an apple on a man’s hand" are particularly impressive. You can view the entire book via our Digital Library. The National Museum of American History holds a large collection of historical weaponry, and instructional guides are helpful to the curators who manage the collection.

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