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The marvellous country

The marvellous country
by Samuel Woodworth Cozzens
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Marvellous Country

The marvellous country; or, Three years in Arizona and New Mexico, the Apaches' home ... By Samuel Woodworth Cozzens. Illustrated by upwards of one hundred engravings.

By Samuel Woodworth Cozzens. Boston: Shepard and Gill, 1873.

Samuel Woodworth Cozzens (1834-1878) was a lawyer, and for a time United States district judge of Arizona. His published works include The Marvellous Country (Boston, 1876), The Young Trail-Hunters series, and Nobody's Husband (1878).  He travelled in Arizona during a relatively calm period of Apache activity, though he writes about several bloody episodes in the book. He met various prominent Arizonans such as the Penningtons on their way to Southern Arizona. and the legendary chief of the Chokonens, Cochise.

This book a is a fabulous adventure featuring quite a bit of comic relief in the person of "Jimmy," the Irish lad he hired to cook and help with various tasks associated with their explorations. Jimmy is like the Jerry Lewis of the old west, stupidly causing one misadventure after another.

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