Nimm Mich Mit! : Ein Lehrreiches Bilderbuch

Nimm Mich Mit! : Ein Lehrreiches Bilderbuch
by Lothar Meggendorfer
Adopted for Conservation by
Linda and Jay Freedman
in honor of Miles & Lola Monroe and Lucas & Devin Freedman
on October 8, 2015
Nimm mich mit! - Ein lehrreiches Bilderbuch

Nimm mich mit! : Ein lehrreiches Bilderbuch

By Lothar Meggendorfer. München: Braun & Schneider, [190-?].

Meggendorfer (1847-1925) – a German artist who created more than 100 colorful illustrated and movable books for children. The Cooper-Hewitt Museum National Design Library owns this visual dictionary of everyday objects including geometric shapes, kitchen utensils, clothing, plants, animals, people at work, and house interiors. The simple, whimsical, colorful drawings greatly appealed to young readers and are typical of Meggendorfer’s work. Small format bound volume. Full red cloth binding, with gold stamping on front cover. Color illustrations.

Condition and Treatment: 

The textblock is detached and in pieces. The pages that are not detached are loose. The book is staple bound and the staples have oxidized damaging the text.

Conservators will dis-bind the book, dry clean the leaves and re-sew textblock. The spine will be re-lined with Japanese paper. After re-sewing the textblock will be reattach to the repaired case. A custom enclosure will be created for safe shelving

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Adoption Type: Preserve for the Future