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The romance of the Colorado River

The romance of the Colorado River
by Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh
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Janet Dowling Sands
on March 5, 2017
Cover of The Romance of the Colorado River

The romance of the Colorado River: the story of its discovery in 1540, with an account of the later explorations, and with special reference to the voyages of Powell through the line of the great canyons

By Frederick Samuel Dellenbaugh. New York, London : G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1903.

In 1871, seventeen-year-old Fred Dellenbaugh, under the lead of Major John Wesley Powell, a Civil War hero and the first director of the Smithsonian’s Bureau of Ethnology, journeyed into the Grand Canyon and its subsidiary canyons and rivers with the intention of exploring, mapping, and recording descriptions of the uncharted territory. The men found themselves battling the great force of the Colorado River, with its fatal, quick rapids and mighty waterfalls. This is Dellenbaugh’s personal story, written thirty years after the great adventure. The volume includes twenty of the author’s original illustrations, as well as nearly 150 contemporary photographs, which provide an accurate image of what the explorers encountered during their expedition. Part adventure narrative and part geography survey of the Colorado River, this book offers a unique firsthand account of a fascinating scientific expedition. 

Condition and Treatment: 

This copy is signed by the author in a dedication to his friend John F. Steward recalling their time together on the Colorado Expedition of 1871 led by Major John Wesley Powell. It is in a publishers binding featuring a decorative cover. The cover depicts a group of people canoeing down the Grand Canyon. The book has suffered water damage and many pages have been torn, separating them from their neighboring pages and are in need of repair. The sewing supports have broken and the book will need to be at least partially resewn. The cloth on the lower board has separated due to water damage and will be reattached. The text will be put back in the case with new endsheets and a bespoke enclosure will be made for the book.

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