A Separate Cinema

Separate Cinema
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A separate cinema : fifty years of black-cast posters / John Kisch and Edward Mapp ; preface by Spike Lee ; introduction by Donald Bogle.

By John Kisch. New York: Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 1992.

The gift of a single poster has swelled into a respected and comprehensive collection of more than 25,000 rare film posters, lobby cards, and photographs, resulting in what is now the Separate Cinema Archive. Started in 1972 and collected and maintained by the archive’s founder and professional photographer, John Kisch, the collection chronicles the historic and blustery journey of the Black film industry, Black actors and directors, and the struggle for African-American equality. Kisch collaborated with film historian Dr. Edward Mapp to create this companion book for the Archive in 1991. Covering the years 1916 - 1965, the book reproduces more than 200 color posters, many not seen for generations. The book includes a Foreword by Henry Louise Gates Jr. and an Afterword by Spike Lee.

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