Stamps À La Carte

Stamps À La Carte
by Ruth S. Webster
Adopted by
Caroline Kenney
In honor of Pat Henkel
on November 16, 2016
Stamps a la Carte

Stamps à la carte

By Ruth S. Webster. Albuquerque: New Mexico Philatelic Association, 1971.

Published by the New Mexico Philatelic Association, this thin 20 paged booklet is stuffed full of delicious recipes. Each recipe has a black and white image of a postage stamp next to it. Southwest regional dishes include: King Kong salad (10 cent Cook Islands stamp), Tamale Pie (5 cent Nebraska statehood stamp), Goober casserole (3 riel Cambodia stamp), Spoon bread (2 lire San Marino stamp), Lamb shanks (30 lek Albania stamp), poulet (10 franc French stamp), bouillabaisse (10 cent Netherlands New Guinea stamp), and Martha Washington's Cherry pudding (3 schilling Austria stamp).  There are, in actuality, two hobbies in one book: cooking and philately. What makes this book stand out is it is designed like a stamp album; readers can actually mount their stamps on top of the images of stamps in this book.

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