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by Olgivanna Lloyd Wright
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Trevor Barger
In honor of my dad, Roger, who taught me how to see, and my mom, Jennifer, who taught me to look for order.
on March 6, 2017
Title page with image of Olgivanna and Frank Lloyd Wright

Taliesin / Olgivanna Lloyd Wright.

By Olgivanna Lloyd Wright. Scottsdale, Ariz: Taliesin West, 1965.

Taliesin is a relatively rare edition self-published in Scottsdale and signed by the author, Olgivanna Lloyd Wright. In this book, Olgivanna Lloyd Wright, the third wife of Frank Lloyd Wright, tells beautifully illustrated accounts of The Fellowship, The Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, The Taliesin Associated Architects, and Taliesin West itself. There are many intimate color images of Wright’s Taliesin West in Scottsdale, Arizona that was completed in 1937. Frank Lloyd Wright maintained Taliesin West as his winter residence until his death in 1959, and Olgivanna continued to live and work there until her death in 1985.

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