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African History

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Darkest Africa_tp vol 2

In Darkest Africa

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Volume 2 of 2, this account of Henry M. Stanley’s adventures to “save” Emim Pasha, Governor of Equatoria (present day South Sudan), was wildly popular and published in six languages. One of the greatest feats in African travel, Stanley traveled thousands of miles in his claims to the great...Read More
A narrative of travels in Northern Africa, in the years 1818, 19, and 20

A Narrative of Travels in Northern Africa

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The 17 hand-colored prints of early-19th century Northern and Western Africans are not only elegant, but are also valuable historical documents on clothing, headgear, jewelry, and weaponry of that era. The image shown here, "Camel conveying a bride to her husband," (opposite page 299) is one of the...Read More
Robert Campbell, Jamaican explorer in Nigeria

A Pilgrimage to My Motherland

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In the 1850s, life was hard for free black Americans, and many were considering emigration to Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, or Africa. Debate was fierce. In 1854, the National Emigration Convention, held in Cleveland, Ohio, began to consider the African option proposed by Harvard...Read More