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Sammlung der wichtigsten europäischen Nutzhölzer in characterischen Schnitten

Burkart's Sammlung der Wichtigsten Europäischen Nutzhölzer in Characterischen Schnitten

Build and Access the Collection - $3,000
Burkart's Sammlung contains a brief text on European species of trees, including pines, firs, yews, oaks, willows, fruit woods, and others, but its glory is the 40 plates — one per species — consisting of actual wood samples in thin transverse, radial, and tangential cross-sections, held between...Read More
Plate from Icones Lignorum Exoticorum et Nostratium Germanicorum

Icones Lignorum Exoticorum et Nostratium Germanicorum

Preserve for the Future - $1,000
This highly unusual book's title translates to: A Representation of Inland and Foreign Wood: As Well Trees as [sic] Shrubs which are Collected by the Lovers of Natural History in their Cabinets of Natural Curiosities for Use and Pleasure… Exotic and rare wood samples were often artifacts that were...Read More