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Anatomy and Physiology

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Man walking, running from Études de physiologie artistique ...

Etudes de Physiologie Artistique Faites au Moyen de la Chronophotographie

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“Movement is the most important act in that all functions borrow from one another to fulfill one another."  Etienne-Jules Marey English photographer Eadward Muybridge is famous for his pioneering work in studying animal and human motion in 1877-78, in which he used several cameras to capture...Read More
The Fire of Life

The Fire of Life

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Focused on bioenergetics, or how organisms transform energy, this book is frequently used and important to scientists at the National Zoological Park. It also happens to be out-of-print book, and has dramatically increased in value because it is a timeless and important resource in the field of...Read More
Memoria sopra la scossa che provano gli animali - nel momento che cessano di fare arco di comunicazione fra i poli d'un elettromotore e sopra qualche, altro fenomeno fisiologico dell'elettricità.

Memoria Sopra la Scossa che Provano gli Animali

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Three works by Stefano Marianini, follower of Volta's work on electro-motors, and professor of physics in Venice and then in Modena.  Bound with: Marianini, Stefano. Memoria sopra la teoria chimica degli elettromotori voltiani. Venezia: Dalla tip. di Alvisopoli, 1830. Marianini,...Read More
Physiological and ecological adaptations to feeding in vertebrates

Physiological and Ecological Adaptations to Feeding in Vertebrates

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At the Smithsonian’s National Zoological Park and Conservation Biology Institute, an understanding of the diversity and efficiency of vertebrate digestive physiology and morphology is critical to the successful feeding and nutrition of the animals in the care of the nutritionists. This book...Read More
Zur Architectur des Menschenschadels folio book

Zur Architectur des Menschenschadels

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Published in 1857, this 70-page folio consists of originally hand-drawn sketches of the human skull by German anatomist Johann C. G. Lucae of the Frankfurt Senckenberg Institute of Anatomy. Lucae was well known for his craniology studies. In English, the title translates to "The Architecture of the...Read More