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Cleaning and preservation of coins and medals, cover

Cleaning and Preservation of Coins and Medals

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Published in 1976, Gerhard Welter’s (1907-1989) Cleaning and Preservation of Coins and Medals provides insight on the best practices for maintaining and protecting coins against erosion, rust, and decay. In addition to providing instructions, the book also features illustrations of apparatuses used...Read More
Four tubular steel bed rames with gold tone plating.

Kovový Nábytek

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This 1930s Czech tubular steel trade catalog titled Kovový Nábytek (translated simply as Metal Furniture) is part of the Cooper Hewitt Library’s Special Collections of trade literature. The company featured in the catalog, Vichr Co., supplied hospital beds and related equipment...Read More
Blue and grey cover of catalog with image of desk.

Kovový Nábytek / / Vichr a Spol.

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Photogravure catalog issued by Vichr, one of the major Czech producers of tubular steel furniture in the interwar period, with a photomontage illustration on the title page. The period between the two world wars saw a revolution in the use of new materials in design, as well as, the emergence of...Read More


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This 64-page booklet is part of the Fred Ward Gem Series. Richly and colorfully illustrated, it provides a fine overview of pearls, those beautiful “gifts from the sea.” For at least 2,000 years, pearls have been collected, worn, and treasured, and this gem of a book provides history and lore,...Read More
Cultured Pearl in situ

Pearls: Their Origin, Treatment and Identification

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With fine black-and-white illustrations (by Jean-Paul Ehrmann), rich color photographs, and lively text, Pearls provides a thorough examination of this beautiful jewel. It delves into the history and culture, biology and chemistry, geography and nature, industry and fashion of pearls. ...Read More
Frontispiece from The Structure of the Wool Fibre

The Structure of the Wool Fibre

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F. H. Bowman’s The Structure of the Wool Fibre and Its Relation to the Use of Wool for Technical Purposes is a seminal text in the history of vocational and technical education in Great Britain and here in the United States. This book is part of a series that, for the first time, examined ...Read More