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Cover of Afro-Americans in Dentistry

Afro-Americans in Dentistry

Preserve for the Future - $450
African American dental practices were first documented in 18th century when dentistry was a crude trade learned by apprenticeship to perform necessary extractions. Extramural dentistry is the practice of exercising dental expertise outside of the institution and bringing dental care and education...Read More
Animal parasites and human disease,

Animal Parasites and Human Disease

Build the Collection - $250
Warning: this book is not for the faint of heart! Did you know that during Napoleon’s campaign on Moscow, lice were responsible for more French deaths than the Russians? It’s true: lice are the sole transmission source for typhus, a deadly disease which claimed three times more lives than...Read More
A complete history of drugs

A Complete History of Drugs

Preserve for the Future - $750
The imaginative illustrations in this rare medical book are what first catches the eye of its reader. Depicting traditional medicinal sources like minerals and plants, as well as the more unusual like unicorn horns and Egyptian mummies, the author Pierre Pomet relied on his extensive travels across...Read More
A History of Medicine.

A History of Medicine

Build the Collection - $800
This work gives a comprehensive overview and underlines analogies, correlations, and differences among social conditions, intellectual movements, political events, paradigms and beliefs in an effort to identify logical threads to navigate among the immense number of facts and data of the history of...Read More
Introduction à l'étude de la médecine expérimentale

Introduction à L'Étude de la Médecine Expérimentale

Build the Collection - $2,850
"Probably the greatest classic on the principles of physiological investigation and the scientific method applied to the life sciences." (Garrison-Morton 1766.501) In this work, Claude Bernard (1813-1878) presented his own personal analysis of the scientific method in a manner which earned him...Read More