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Beschreibung einer Elektrisir-Maschine und deren Gebrauch

Beschreibung Einer Elektrisir-Maschine und Deren Gebrauch

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Second, enlarged and corrected edition of this very scarce tract on the author's electricity machine handsomely illustrated on the folding plates. This machine was used in physics experiments and occasionally for medicinal purposes. Schmidt (1740-1811) is identified as the "court instrument maker"...Read More
Eine gläserne Flinte und zugleich nüzliche Bergwerksmaschiene...

Eine Gläserne Flinte und Zugleich Nüzliche Bergwerksmaschiene

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This fugitive promotional piece advertises the author's invention, a portable electric lighter, which he designed for mining and smelting but which had much broader uses. The lighter is considered in the literature of the history of science the first electric household appliance. A German pioneer...Read More
The principles of natural philosophy, in which is shewn the insufficiency of the present systems, to give us any just account of that science...

The Principles of Natural Philosophy

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An enquiry and attack on the scientific principles of Hobbes, Locke, Spinoza, and Descartes. Almost half of the book is devoted to light and colors, including the phenomenon of the rainbow, with a large chapter on sound. Green dismisses the Cartesian theory of light in favor of Newton's, which he...Read More