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Four years in a government expedition... .

Four Years in a Government Exploring Expedition

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Naval officer George Colvocoresses took part in the U.S. Exploring Expedition, 1838-42, and published this account of it based on a journal which he kept. The text covers the entire itinerary of the voyage, describing the lands and peoples visited and a variety of scientific matters; the 19...Read More
Magiae naturalis

Magiae naturalis

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Porta's Natural magic was originally published in four "books" (=chapters) and later expanded to 20 chapters. The text is devoted to various experiments, distillation, transmutation of metals, artificial gems, etc. The 17th chapter on optics is the most important: it went through 18 editions in...Read More
Plate from Physical observations with discussions by various authors. Prepared under the superintendence of the Royal Society..

Physical Observations with Discussions by Various Authors

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The British National Antarctic Expedition (1901 – 1904), commonly called the Discovery Expedition, was a trailblazer of British exploration of the South Pole.  It launched the careers of leading figures of the Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration, including Ernest Shackleton, who competed with...Read More