We Are the Weather Makers

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We are the weather makers: the history of climate change

By Tim F. Flannery. Someville, MA: Candlewick Press, 2010.

Scientists have named the most recent geological time period the “Anthropocene" (age of humans). A majority of scientists now believe humans are altering various earth system processes—including our weather patterns. This very readable book argues that climate change and global warming affect us all. The book also offers information on how we can participate in solving this problem. Chapter 11 tells the story of the golden toad in the Monteverde cloud forest reserve in Costa Rica. Chapter 12, "Liquid Gold: Changes in Rainfall," discusses desertification in Africa’s Sahel region, southern Australia, and—closer to home—the western U.S. But this small book does not leave us without hope. The end of each chapter provides practical solutions for saving money, energy, and our planet.

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