Book Cases Mystery Event- Potent Potions

 APPLY NOW for the May 28 Potent Potions event!

The Smithsonian Libraries has reached out to us at the Smithsonian Investigative League to solve another mystery. Our Book Cases division is dedicated to all book and library based mysteries. We need help freeing three professors from a curious spell. You’ll gather clues by attending three classes: Herbology, Care of Magical Creatures, and Potions. You’ll need bravery, patience, cleverness, and cunning to solve this one!

Book Cases is a series of mystery and adventure events for DC middle school students.  Each event centers on a different theme, but each time 25 youth work together to crack a case using their research, technology, and critical thinking skills to solve a mystery straight out of the Smithsonian Libraries stacks.  

NOTE: Book Cases events always happen on in-services days when students aren't in school. It's our way of providing fun, educational programming for your young detectives while you're at work.