Skoelapperheuwel, Skoelappervrou

Skoelapperheuwel, Skoelappervrou
(Butterfly Hill, Butterfly Woman)
Wilma Stockenström and Judith Mason
Pretoria: Ombondi Editions, 1988, 2010
Edition 10/30
National Museum of African Art, purchased with funds provided by the Annie Laurie Aitken Endowment, 2011-6-1

Skoelapperheuwel, Skoelappervrou (Butterfly Hill, Butterfly Woman) consists of a poem by Wilma Stockenström with illustrations by Judith Mason.  Her illustrations—pencil drawings and collages transferred to plates—are printed, overprinted as lithographs, and then selectively redrawn with occasional color added for emphasis.  The pages are printed on a lithographic etching press on 250 gsm Rives BFK paper.  The book is bound in intense blue buckram (a stiffened fabric of cotton or linen) with a paste paper design on the book cover and its slipcase.

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