Sound from the Thinking Strings

Sound from the Thinking Strings
A Visual, Literary, Archaeological and Historical
Interpretation of the Final Years of /Xam Life
Pippa Skotnes
Cape Town: Axeage Private Press, 1991
Edition: 13/50
Smithsonian Libraries

Sound from the Thinking Strings honors the disappearing indigenous people of Southern Africa known as the San or /Xam, also known as Bushmen.  Genetic evidence suggests they are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, peoples in the world, going back to perhaps 60,000 years.  This artist’s book consists of forty-two San poems translated by Stephen Watson, twenty original etchings by Pippa Skotnes, essays by John Parkington, and Nigel Penn, and notes by Skotnes, with an introduction by Stephen Jay Gould.

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