Fold the Flock

What is Fold the Flock?

About the Project

2014 marks the centennial anniversary of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. To help remember the Passenger Pigeon, we are folding origami pigeons to symbolically recreate the great flocks of 100 years ago. An origami pattern for the Passenger Pigeon is available in printed and downloadable formats. Participants fold origami Passenger Pigeons and are encouraged to add their birds to an ever-growing virtual flock. 

How to Participate

There are two ways you can participate in Fold the Flock.

  1. Starting in May, visit the Q?rius Loft in the National Museum of Natural History on weekends to participate in Folding the Flock.  We have 25,000 Origami passenger pigeons will continue to fold until all the birds fly away!  Teens and tweens are especially welcome.
  2. Participants can download the origami pattern at; fold your pigeons; and add your birds to the ever-growing virtual flock.