Digital Library: Art and Design

A Jules Verne Centennial: 1905 - 2005

Fantastic illustrations from early editions of Verne's works to celebrate the "father of scientific fiction."

An Odyssey in Print: Adventures in the Smithsonian Libraries

Explore six centuries of rare books, manuscripts, art, and artifacts from the Smithsonian Libraries and learn how Smithsonian staff use these resources in their everyday work.

Archive of African Artists

An unparalleled and growing collection of files on contemporary African artists.

Celebrity Caricature: Selections from the Smithsonian Institution Libraries

Hemingway and the Marx Brothers as drawn by the likes of Al Hirschfeld and Miguel Covarrubias.

Doodles, Drafts & Designs: Industrial Drawings from the Smithsonian

Trace how ideas evolve into reality through inventors' sketchbooks, engineers' mechanical drawings, and architects' renderings from the 1830s to the 1990s.

Drawing from Life: Caricatures and Cartoons from the American Art / Portrait Gallery Collection

Sometimes humorous and always educational selections culled from the Libraries' collection of cartoon and caricature dating from the 1800's on.

Frontier Photographer: Edward S. Curtis

Thirty years of grueling work on the North American Indian Project cost the artist his marriage and his health. It also yielded an American legacy that is an artistic masterpiece.

Ramelli's Machines: Original drawings of 16th century machines

Original drawings and superb engravings from Ramelli's book of ingenious inventions that had a great influence on the development of mechanical engineering.

Science and the Artist's Book

The Libraries' first online exhibition with works by over two dozen artists who re-interpret scientific ideas, methods, and discoveries through an imaginative use of the book form.

The Illustrations of the Nests and Eggs of Birds of Ohio

The extraordinary, highly praised, and visually captivating work of amateur scholarship that was created through the efforts of the family and friends of a young woman from Ohio.

The Making of a Homemaker

"Comfort for her family is provided even at the expense of many an exhausted nerve, and an aching heart." Maybe what she needed was a comprehensive domestic guidebook?

Vibrant Visions: Pochoir Prints in the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum Library

Richly colored illustrations from Art Nouveau and Art Deco era France that illustrate costume, interior, and pattern designs.

Voyages: A Smithsonian Libraries Exhibition

Voyages of discovery can be of many kinds: a physical journey to an unknown place, a mental exploration of new or familiar territory, or a wholly new episode of creative thought.

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