How do I... Create & Manage Citations/Bibliographies

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Citation/reference managers like EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley help you capture research sources, organize them in your own online research library, and quickly create citations and bibliographies for your own papers.

Comparison of EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley

Review and compare the features of EndNote, Zotero and Mendeley to decide which citation management program best meets your research needs.
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Zotero is a free, user-friendly program to help you collect, manage, and cite research sources. It integrates with your web browser, offers one-click saving for many items, has tools to quickly create citations, and lets you share research with colleagues.


The Smithsonian currently has an institutional license for the citation management program EndNote. It is produced by Clarivate Analytics, so it integrates well with their other products, such as Web of Science.
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Mendeley is a cross-platform application that helps researchers manage and annotate their research paper collections. Researchers can also set up collaborative projects, work and discuss in groups, and share data on Mendeley’s web platform.
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