Off-Site Access to Smithsonian Libraries’ Electronic Resources

Anytime, anywhere! Did you know you can access the Smithsonian Libraries’ subscription-based e-journals, e-books, and databases while working off-site without logging in via or Citrix?

Three easy steps to access e-resources from anywhere:
  1. Start from the Libraries’ Research Tools page:
  2. Find what you’re looking for via OneSearch search results or on the A-Z List of e-Journals & Databases.
  3. Land on the SI network login page and enter your SI email address and password, once for each browser session.

The most important step is to start at the Research Tools page, Going directly to an e-journal or database, or using browser bookmarks, won’t prompt the SI network login.

BONUS! A Google Scholar tip:

If you’ve been using Google Scholar when working on-site, you may have noticed direct links to items available via Smithsonian Libraries’ e-resources. To get this same easy linking when off-site, simply follow the above steps and open Google Scholar from the A-Z List of e-Journals & Databases. You will receive the same network login prompt and online access to library subscriptions.

Want to learn more about using the Libraries? Look for our training opportunities via Upcoming Staff Events via PRISM.

Questions? Contact one of our library branches,, or