Zoology and Conservation Biology Research Guide

Welcome to the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives' Zoology and Conservation Biology Research Guide.  This is a select list of mostly freely-available resources for students, teachers, and researchers to learn about how our Smithsonian veterinarians, curators, keepers, and technicians fulfill their important roles. Please feel free to Contact Us with with suggestions for additional resources or with questions.

The Smithsonian's National Zoological Park and Conservation Biology Institute

Smithsonian Resources

  • Databases for Science Research: List of science research databases from the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives. Many offer free access, while others require users to be onsite at a Smithsonian branch library or have Smithsonian network access.
  • Biodiversity Heritage Library: Online library featuring open access legacy literature from the Smithsonian Libraries and Archives and a consortium of natural history and botanical libraries.
  • Encyclopedia of Life: Based on the idea of a "webpage for every species", this multilingual resource provides multimedia information about a large subsection of life on Earth.
  • Integrated Taxonomic Information System: Taxonomic database searchable by scientific and common names. Maintained through a partnership of Canadian, Mexican, and U.S. federal agencies, including the Smithsonian.

Animal Care

Conservation Biology

Organizations and Associations

Animal Care, Health, and Welfare



Veterinary (Specialty)

Veterinary (International)

Conservation Biology



Animal Specific

Zoo Associations and Consortia

Advocacy Groups

Last Updated February 15, 2023