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1 male; 2 female

1 male; 2 female

Plate I. Fig. 1. Aspidophoroides monopterygius. Cuv. Fig. 2. Syngnathus Peckianus. Storer

1. Alligatorfish 2. Peck's Pipefish

Birds--Pl LXXXV

1. American Three-toed Woodpecker 2. Gairdner's Woodpecker

Birds--Pl LXXIV

1. Arctic Finch 2. Chestnut-collared Longspur

Birds--Plate IV

1. Belding's Sparrows 2. Cassin Sparrow


1. Berlandieri's Wren 2. Mexican Creeper 3. Yellow Creeper

Birds--Plate XV

1. Black Hawk

Birds--Pl LXXXIV

1. Black Parrott 2. Smooth-billed Ani

Birds--Pl XVII (55)

1. Black-chinned Sparrow 2. Texas Sparrow

Birds--Pl XVIII (56)

1. Blue Bunting 2. Varied Bunting

Birds--Pl LXIII

1. Brown Tree-Duck 2. Black-bellied Whistling-duck

Birds--Plate XXVII

1. Cassin's Finch 2. Finch


1. Cassin's Vireo 2. Hutton‘s Vireo 3. Philadelphia Vireo

Birds--Pl LXXXIX

1. Cooper's Sandpiper 2. Corn Crake (or Land Rail)

Birds--Pl XI (49)

1. Couch's Kingbird 2. Tropical Kingbird 3. Wright's Flycatcher

Birds-- Pl XCI

1. European Teal 2. European Widgeon

Birds--Pl LXVII

1. Florida Jay 2. Fish Crow

Birds--Pl LXXII

1. Grey-headed Junco 2. Western Purple Finch

Birds--Pl LXXVI

1. Hammond’s Flycatcher 2. Western Flycatcher

Birds--Pl XCIII

1. Hooded Gull 2. Franklin's Rosy Gull

Birds--Pl III (41)

1. Ladder-backed Woodpecker 2. Nuttall's Woodpecker

Birds--Pl XVI (54)

1. Mexican Goldfinch 2. Little Seedeater

Birds--Pl XXII (60)

1. Mountain Jay 2. Ultra-marine Jay

Birds--Pl LXX

1. Neumann's Finch 2. Marin Song Sparrow (Gouldn's Sparrow)

Birds--Pl LXXX

1. Northern Waterthrush 2. Long billed Waterthrush

Birds--Pl LXXXI

1. Olive-backed Thrush 2. Grey-cheeked Thrush

Birds--Plate XXVIII

1. Red-backed Junco 2. Savannah Sparrow

Birds--Pl LXXVII

1. Red-bellied Redstart 2. Painted Redstart

Birds--Pl IX (47)

1. Rose-throated Becard 2. Gray-collared Becard 3. Lawrence's Flycatcher

Birds--Pl LXXI

1. Samuel's Finch 2. Blue-headed Tanager

Birds--Plate XXXIII

1. Tropical Gnatcatcher 2.Lead-colored Bush-Tit

Birds--Pl LXXIX

1. Virginia’s Warbler 2. Connecticut Warbler 3. Mourning Yellowthroat 4. MacGillivray's Warbler

Birds--Pl XCVI

1. Western Guillemot 2. Black Guillemot

Birds--Pl LXIX

1. White-crowned Sparrow 2. White-crowned Sparrow 3. Slate-colored Fox Sparrow 4. Thick-billed Fox Sparrow

Birds--Plate XVIII

1. White-throated swift 2. Vaux's Swifts

Birds--Pl XCIX

1. White-winged Grebe 2. Black Storm-Petrel

Birds--Plate XXXIV

1. Williamson's Sapsucker 2. Long-tailed chat

Birds--Pl XV (53)

1. Wollweberi's Titmouse 2. Verdin 3. Black-eared bushtit

Birds--PI V (43)

1.2. Broad-tailed Hummingbird 3. Black-chinned Hummingbird

Birds--Pl XIX (57)

2. Scott's Oriole 2. Black-vented Oriole

A Months supply of Albatross' eggs. Laysan Island

A Months supply of Albatross' eggs. Laysan Island

Birds--Plate XXX

Abert's Finch

Adelie Penguins waiting for the melting of the snow so as to build their nests on the rocks beneath.

Adelie Penguins waiting for the melting of the snow so as to build their nests on the rocks beneath from Annual report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution.

Albatross nests. Laysan Island

Albatross nests. Laysan Island

Accentor collaris (Scop.). Alpen-Braunelle.

Alpine Accentor

Birds--Plate XXIII

American Crow

Birds--Plate XXI

American Raven


Smithsonian Libraries content listing by subject terms
Cover of A nomenclature of colors for naturalists - and compendium of useful knowledge for ornithologists

A nomenclature of colors for naturalists

Cover of Aces high

Aces high

Cover of Air king

Air king