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Botany v.16 (1854) [Atlas]

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Plate 39

Fig. 1. Alsophila lunulata

Plate 41

Fig. 1. Alsophila truncata

Plate 24

Fig. 1. Asplenium dissectum

Plate 16

Fig. 1. Blechnum vittatum

Plate 17

Fig. 1. Diclidopteris angustissima

Plate 6

Fig. 1. Drynaria alata

Plate 7

Fig. 1. Drynaria maxima

Plate 5

Fig. 1. Goniopteris longissima

Plate 8

Fig. 1. Hemionitis elongata

Plate 27

Fig. 1. Lastrea truncata

Plate 14

Fig. 1. Litrobrochia sinuata

Plate 15

Fig. 1. Lomaria pilosa

Plate 46

Fig. 1. Lycopodium nutans

Plate 42

Fig. 1. Mertensia emarginata

Plate 33

Fig. 1. Microlepia inequalis

Plate 34

Fig. 1. Microlepia papillosa

Plate 25

Fig. 1. Nephrodium hudsonianum

Plate 29

Fig. 1. Oleandra hirta

Plate 10

Fig. 1. Polybotrya wilkesiana

Plate 3

Fig. 1. Polypodium procerum

Plate 28

Fig. 1. Polystichum haleakalense

Plate 43

Fig. 1. Todea wilkesiana

Plate 4

Figures of genera Gymnogramma and Stegnogramma

Plate 36

Five figures of genus Trichomanes

Plate 1

Four figures of genus Polypodium

Plate 45

Three figures of genera Lycopodium and Selaginella

Plate 20

Three figures of genus Asplenium

Plate 21

Three figures of genus Asplenium

Plate 9

Three figures of genus Elaphoglossum

Plate 37

Three figures of genus Hymenophyllum

Plate 2

Three figures of genus Polypodium

Plate 13

Two figures of genera Doryopteris and Onychium

Plate 12

Two figures of genera Lomogramma and Cyrtogonium

Plate 44

Two figures of genera Ophioglossum and Botrychium

Plate 30

Two figures of genera Schizolma and Synaphlebium

Plate 38

Two figures of genera Sitolbium and Dicksonia

Plate 11

Two figures of genera Stenochloena and Crytogonium

Plate 40

Two figures of genus Alsophila

Plate 22

Two figures of genus Asplenium

Plate 23

Two figures of genus Asplenium

Plate 19

Two figures of genus Asplenium

Plate 35

Two figures of genus Davallia

Plate 31

Two figures of genus Diellia

Plate 18

Two figures of genus Diplazium

Plate 32

Two figures of genus Humata

Plate 26

Two figures of genus Lastrea