Gullah Culture in America

Cover of Gullah Culture in America
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Gullah culture in America

By Wilbur Cross. Westport, Conn: Praeger, 2008.

The book’s purpose is to take us behind-the-scenes so we can see what it’s like to grow up and live life in the Gullah community. Sayings such as “dog got four feet but can’t walk but one road” are uniquely Gullah. This translates to “you can only do one thing at a time.” The book has black adn white photos of Gullah people fishing, riding on horseback, boating, and playing music. One of the co-authors is of South CarolinaGullah heritage: Dr. Emory Campbell, President of Gullah Heritage Consulting Services. The Gullah community is made up of descendants of freed slaves living in the coastal regions of South Carolina and Georgia. 

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